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When I started researching blogs I read somewhere that no one will read it. That’s right, no one will read it. I misunderstood this to mean that there would be very few page views, but there would of course be a few people who at least landed on a page unintentionally as the result of a poorly written Google query. Well it has been almost four weeks since I started this blog and other than my wife who I asked for guidance, there has not been a single page view… on any page. In fact if you are reading this post and it’s not too long after the post date it is likely that you are the first visitor to the blog.

It makes me think that people are just not interested in piffle.

I guess one of the benefits of Facebook and other social media sites is that they attempt to not only find people that you are interested in but also actively market you to other people that you may know. The downside for me is that most of the people I know are not really interested in the things that I am and so in this case Facebook’s marketing is not well targeted. There are other reasons I chose to start a blog over using Facebook, the primary one that I prefer blogs but it looks like it is going to be much harder than I had expected.

So the challenge is set. I must do what I can to get a single page view, even it means expanding to include drivel, waffle, twaddle and poppycock.

Update: Woohoo! Just after four weeks this blog had it’s first hit. It came from Malaysia and the person was looking for Excel Tic Tac Toe. It has confirmed by belief that Excel is fun.

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