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More piffle on the internet

Public toilet, Melbourne, Austalia

Welcome to the first post of my new blog. The internet is an amazing place with many great blogs that are available for free. I grew up during a time when the internet was not available to most people; in fact I didn’t know anyone that had any sort of online access. At that time the sort of information that is now freely available often came at a cost in the form of magazines and books. Sometimes I was lucky and found information that interested me at the local library. I thought it about time that I do my bit to add to this bucket of information.

This blog is a place for me to practice and improve my writing skills. I like to think that my High School English teacher would be proud that I since leaving school I have developed some skills in using English, or at least shown an interest and therefore her time was not completely wasted.

Why have I called it the Piffle Lab? Firstly what I put here are just my own observations and I make no claims about the value or soundness of any of it. In fact it could be just a lot of piffle. The other reason is that I couldn’t think of anything else that had not already been taken.

I wonder if all the content that is currently on the internet, including all the blogs, facebook pages and other social networking sites will remain in many years to come and be the primary source of freely available information about our generation. Some enthusiastic family historian of the future will discover titbits of information about us through what we have placed online and base their whole understanding about each of us on that. What a sobering thought.